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Legal Aid: LAC1 committal forms and graduated fee claims

8th April 2016

The Legal Aid Agency no longer require legal aid committal forms (LAC1) to authorise graduated fee payments where representation orders are dated on after 1 August 2015.

For representation orders dated before 1 August 2015, a LAC1 and representation order is still needed.

Where this is not provided, the case will be dealt through the normal reject process.

When submitting your claim, remember to provide the correct Means Assessment and Appeals Tool (MAAT) ID.

Representation orders are still required in the following cases:-

  • cases where one defendant has transferred from one provider to another will require copies of both current and initial representation orders
  • cases where the court agrees multiple advocates are required
  • circumstances where the Crown Court retains authority to issue representation orders – breaches, bench warrants, contempt of court and noting brief
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