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New Land Registry form – K11(ADJ)

5th April 2016

On Monday 11 April 2016 the process by which an individual debtor will apply for their own bankruptcy will change. The debtor will make an application to an adjudicator in the Insolvency Service, who will decide whether or not to make a bankruptcy order. 

The debtor’s application to the adjudicator is registrable as a pending action at the Land Charges Department of the Land Registry. A bankruptcy order made by the adjudicator is registrable as a receiving order in bankruptcy at Land Charges Department. 

Land Registry legal forms K11 and K12 are not suitable for this process so a new form, K11(ADJ), is being introduced by the Land Registry (pursuant to rules 10 and 24(2) Land Charges Rules 1974).  The new K11(ADJ) will be for use from 11 April 2016.

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